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Any basic yard clearance usually includes adding to or creating a compost heap, hidden away somewhere in a small corner or compost bin, it's how we make use of all the loose foliage on our lawns, together with our food waste.

When stored together they combine to make wonderful rich compost that we, in turn, use to fertilize our home grown flowers and vegetables.

When building a new chicken coop one of the first things to take into consideration is the safety of your poultry. Coops and runs must be both predator and weather proof.

For these reasons it is advised to build either on a concrete base, which stops potential enemies burrowing through from underneath, or as a run with elevated housing which should deter and prevent entry.

As all keen gardeners know, there is never really a quiet time in the garden. Each season brings a vital set of tasks with it if you want to ensure that all is as it should be in your own little Eden, and the Fall is certainly no exception.

So grab your waterproofs and your gardening gloves, as here are five steps that you can take during the Fall to help towards creating a healthy, productive garden for the following year.

As winter approaches, it makes sense for you to prepare your barns as best as you possibly can so that you are ready for the harsh conditions it may bring. Readiness is everything and it is vital that this type of work is carried out before the winter really sets in for good. All outdoor tasks are easier and less dangerous to perform without the added potential hazards of howling winds, rain, and freezing conditions.


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