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5 Steps To Prepare The Garden This Fall For Next Year

As all keen gardeners know, there is never really a quiet time in the garden. Each season brings a vital set of tasks with it if you want to ensure that all is as it should be in your own little Eden, and the Fall is certainly no exception.

So grab your waterproofs and your gardening gloves, as here are five steps that you can take during the Fall to help towards creating a healthy, productive garden for the following year.


Give your greenhouse a thorough wash through and declutter. Ensure that all glass is spore-free and don't forget to remove any shading for optimum winter light. Sweep through, dismember cobwebs, and remember to clean pots and seed trays in preparation for next years bulbs/seedlings.


No job will be completed properly if your tools are not in good working order. Sharpen, hone and oil everything you can, including lawn mowers, shears and secateurs. Remove kinks from hoses and clean nozzles and sprinklers.


Make sure that all deadheads are removed, and that everything is cut back, trimmed and pulled up where necessary. Don't forget hanging baskets and pots. Plant bulbs such as Amaryllis ready for flowering around Christmas time, not only do they look good in your home, they will make wonderful gifts!


This is harvest time! Continue to pick and store everything that you can, and try to ensure that nothing is left to rot. Re-work that compost heap and store unwanted fruit canes in a dry place. Remove anything that is preventing light or restricting growth of your pumpkins, you will be needing these in the not too distant future!


The Fall is the ideal time to work on lawns. Either creating new ones, or maintaining old ones. Clear away leaves, weed and aerate.

When you are completely satisfied with the overhaul, apply a good top-dressing and a fertiliser which is specifically for use during the Fall period, as this will contain all the required nutrients for this time of year.

Just taking these five steps will really help to get your garden into some kind of order, ready for the Winter season and in preparation for the following year. Your hard work will be rewarded by a garden that is not only a pleasure to look at, but an abundant provider of healthy flowers, fruits and vegetables for you to enjoy.

Happy gardening!

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